How to Hit a Grand Slam Home Run

Which tool would you use?

You’re going to have to increase sponsorship revenue next season.  Okay, you can handle that.  

Then you’re told you have to raise revenue by a big number.

What do you do?  Adding a couple of little things to the sponsorship menu and modestly raising a few prices won’t deliver what you need.  And you know that if you aggressively raise the current prices that it could really be dangerous causing many sponsors to flee. 

And, then there’s the concept of doing something really new.  Something new is something unknown and that sounds scary to many marketers.  

You'll probably need a few new tools.  Which ones?  

  1. The raise prices moderately tool.  You can keep your regular sponsorship packages and raise the prices to the point where your sponsors don’t head for the hills.
  2. The create new sponsorship tool.  This wouldn’t disrupt what you have been doing.  It adds to it.  I’ve worked with teams who thought they couldn’t create anything really new, and they were shocked at some of the stuff we provided them.  We did this two ways:

a.   The true traffic driving promotions tool.  If you can deliver a true traffic driving promotion to the right sponsor then that sponsor would gladly hand deliver mounds of cash to your team.   Your team probably does very little of what I’m talking about.  Here’s one you can download for free:  Friends & Family.  With The Ultimate Toolkit-Sponsorships, we have 70 more of these types of true traffic driving written proposals that you can download, insert your team name in the right places, and go out and sell the next day. 

b.   The sell sponsors that teams usually don’t call on tool.  Most teams don’t even think of these prospects.  These prospects could be a big manufacturing company that doesn’t sell anything locally, or a toll road, or a cement manufacturer.  We’ve called on them all, and sold them all.  The Ultimate Toolkit-Sponsorships has 21 different written proposals for these types of companies that you can download, tweak, price and sell.  I hope you didn’t skip past that number 21.  That’s 21 written proposals that you could download today and sell tomorrow.

If I was your consultant, I would recommend that you buy The Ultimate Toolkit--Sponsorships and use as many tools as you wish.


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