Weird Sponsors?

Picture this: A company walks into your office and drops a large check on to your desk and says, "Surprise! I’m you’re new unexpected big sponsor.”  Weird, eh?  Not really.

These are sponsors you probably never would have dreamed of calling on.  

But, just one sale here is worth up to 30 times what you paid for the Toolkit.  

I've tapped these weird sponsors for years and years--at the major league level and at the lowest minor league level--and I'm always surprised by teams try to copy this success.  Now they can. 

We give you detailed strategies on how you can identify your own weird sponsors and even give you proposals to download to snare a few weird sponsors.  

That's right, we give your proposals on Microsoft Word that you can download, tweak, and then make a sale the next day.  We're not talking months for you to incorporate sales to these companies; we're talking hours.   


The sponsors that we feature in the Weird Sponsors section of The Ultimate Toolkit--Sponsorships aren't weird at all. 

In fact, these sponsors are terrific, sane and smart people.  It’s their sponsorship categories that are weird.

For instance, who would ever think that a company that made cement siding for homes would become an important sponsor?

Or, that a toll road could be a big-time sponsor.

Yep, weird.

But, that’s the power of sports teams and the power of sponsorships.

There’s one way to Rule of Thumb that particularly apply to these types of sponsors:

When you apply my Rule of Thumb to weird sponsorship prospects. you’ll automatically start thinking of some unusual sponsorship candidates.  Some of them might even be weird, but you’ll then start thinking that those so-called weird sponsors are a natural for your team.

The Weird Sponsors section in The Ultimate Toolkit--Sponsorships  is about thinking radically different about who could really be a sponsorship prospect and how to show those unusual prospects how you can provide a tangible impact on their business.  

We'll walk you through five of these unusual sponsors I’ve helped land over my career.  After a while, you’ll see how just about anyone, when the sponsorship is positioned correctly, can become a sponsor of your team.

In the about Weird Sponsors section we cover the case histories of five different 'weird' sponsors:   

  •  A state Highway Safety Department.  This was a $60,000 sponsorship for a minor league baseball team.    
  •  A truck engine factory.  This was a $95,000 sponsorship for a minor league baseball team.    
  • A Drug Free non-profit.  This was a $65,000 sponsorship for a minor league baseball team.    
  • A cement siding manufacturer.  This was a $110,000 sponsorship for a minor league baseball team.
  • A toll road.  This was a $110,000 sponsorship for a minor league baseball team. 

We also include the written leave-behind proposal for each of those Weird Sponsors that you can download. 

You can easily adapt and tweak these proposals to fit the Weird Sponsors in your area.

Order your Ultimate Toookit-Sponsorships today.  Tweak a weird sponsorship proposal tomorrow.  Make a sale the next day. And just for the fun of it, make a sale the day after the next day.



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